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Charges of Drug Conspiracy are sometimes misunderstood by the accused.  Florida Laws allow a prosecutor to prove your "involvement" in a conspiracy, which can be achieved with circumstantial evidence.  This involvement may even be minor, but if you were aware of the illegal intent to commit a drug offense, and willingly participated with another person with any intent or even planning to distribute, you may be found guilty even if no drugs were present or distributed.  Intent is the key focus of this category of criminal charge. 

Drug Conspiracy

 If you have been charged with Drug Conspiracy, you should not take this lightly as it can have severe consequences, and depending on the specific details of your situation, may lead to to other criminal drug charges.  A Defense Attorney should be contacted A.S.A.P.;  Our team of experienced Orlando & Kissimmee Criminal Defense Lawyers will begin researching and investigating all your circumstances and begin your defense proceedings immediately.

Do not hesitate on this decision, you will need an efficient defense team on your side.  You will be taking a huge risk if you attempt to represent your self without an attorney by your side.  The Rivas Criminal Defense Law Firm in Orlando has many years of experience in defending clients faced with Drug Charges, we know the law and the Central Florida Court System.

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Last News

A controversial procedure used by Florida Law Enforcement for years has ended as announced in a recent press release (details on this link).  


A Florida Physician pled guilty to drug charges which involved 29 counts of illegal distribution of controlled substances.  


Local news reports this week detailed 2 separate police traffic stops resulting in the arrest of 3 individuals.  

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